Misconceptions of the Automotive Industry dispelled for a female student during a work experience at Jardine Motors Group

A students feedback following a week’s work experience with the Jardine Motors Group

“Being a woman in the automotive industry isn’t about limiting yourself. It’s about embracing yourself as a women, knowing you can do exactly what a man can do.”

These are the powerful words from Maham, a young student who undertook a one-week placement with our team at Lancaster Audi, Manchester. We were introduced to Maham via our Speakers for Schools relationship when I spoke at her school last year, to talk about why Motor Retail offers such great careers and that it’s not just for ‘boys’.

At the end of the week Maham presented to me, David Lucas, Market Area Director, Steve Fisher, Head of Business and Kieran McDermott, a HR Business Partner.We were all blown away by her presentation and insight after just one week and also her confidence in presenting.The quote above was the icing on the cake.

A big part of our work in improving the perception of our industry has been through the Speaker for Schools platform. Like what we did with Maham, we partner with schools to give a short talk, followed by a Q&A session with students. It’s through this platform that we can start to engage and educate the next generation, in raising the profile that motor retail can provide a great career.

What was most interesting upon meeting Maham, was her perception of the automotive industry before spending the week with us. Her typical observations were ones that are common, ie it would be all men that work in the dealership, lots of long hours and really intense. This strong view point as we know is still shared by many, but at Jardine Motors we are determined to change this. We have come a long way in the past three years but still have a lot to do. However, it’s not all bad, take a minute of your time to listen to Maham talk through her experience – before the placement and then after.


For further information and to visit the blog page of Jardine Motor Group please follow the link to their website  https://www.jardinemotors.co.uk/careers/hr-stories/

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